2017-2018 SEASON

Poreia Theatre, loyal to the logic of repertory theatre, has planned for the next winter theatrical 2017-2018 season a rich and interesting repertoire, that unfolds surrounding our new central production, The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen, a play about the role of the vital lie in the life of humans as well as about the human’s relationship to nature.

It’s actually an intricate project with fourteen actors, directed by Dimitris Tarlow, who also conducted its rendering into Greek (based on the word-for-word translation from the original text by Erie Kirjia). The perspective on the play, which includes filmed parts, will be absolutely modern, with computers and Photoshop replacing the dark room. Three big screens with operate complementary to the action on stage, conveying to us what is happening inside the houses and the duck house where the ducks and the rest of the birds live, while they’ll be focusing in close ups of people photographed and undergone Photoshop digital editing. The theatrical action will coexist with the cinematic action, so that reality is constantly refracted to multiple images that will compose a dynamic environment. The audience will choose which “reality” they will decide to believe. An array of most skilled collaborators of the former and the new generation will be contributing for this big production.

As the second production of the Poreia Theatre will be presented, directed by Dimitris Tarlow, the improbable theatrical adaptation of the novel The happy one by Marina Karagatsi (“Diavazo” award, 2009), conducted by E.Kirjia. The play directly transports us to the home of the family of the author M.Karagatsis, where the dark moments outnumber the bright ones, but the reconciliation is necessary for all those keep living.

Furthermore, the repertoire consists of a co-production with Twilight Company, the short story Rapaccini’s Daughter by the American Nathaniel Hawthorne, which is produced by the title Rapaccini’s Garden, directed by Olia Lazaridou, the hosting of the successful production: Medea, directed by Dimitris Karantzas & The Ignorant and the Insane by the renowned Austrian author Thomas Bernhard, directed by Giannis Perlagas, the tour of The Great Chimera by M. Karagatsis throughout Greece and abroad, and the remake of Lethe (Oblivion) by Dimitris Dimitriades, directed by Dimitri Tarlow.

Since December 2017, Poreia Theatre embarks on a new, groundbreaking initiative by offering surtitles in English for a limited number of performances. LEARN MORE



"Dolichos" Theatre Company was founded in June 1998 by director, actor and translator Dimitri Tarlow and has been based at Poreia Theatre since the year 2000. Offering an eclectic repertoire, the theatre has staged a wide variety of plays, new or previously unproduced in Greece, such as R. Kalinoski’s Beast on the Moon, or Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice, classical masterpieces such as Gogol’s Marriage, or Chekhov’s Three Sisters, modern American drama such as D. Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, The Woods and Oleanna, or Sarah Kane’s Blasted. Additionally, Poreia at Victoria has staged plays based on Greek classical or contemporary novels, such as Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe and M. Karagatsis’ The Great Chimera, ancient Greek tragedy such as Euripides’ The Bacchae, monologues such as "Oblivion" by D. Dimitriadis and contemporary Greek plays such as The Blind Spot by the newcomer Yiannis Mavritsakis, and plays based on neuropsychological disorders such as The Man Who by Peter Brook.

Many important directors like O. Koršunovas, C. Grauzinis, R. Jett, Y. Houvardas, S. Livathinos, have worked at Poreia Theatre at Victoria.

‘Our goal is to always speak the vivid theatrical language of today's world.’


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